Welcome to Reboot Talent – a new division of Reboot PR – one of the world’s only solely-dedicated games and entertainment PR and communications agencies, based in Sydney, Australia.

The Reboot Talent team is managed by a trio of media, marketing and public relations masters with more than 50 years of combined professional experience. We’re supported by the public relations expertise of Reboot PR, established in 2013 – representing Bethesda Australia, Capcom, Konami, Koei Tecmo, Final Fantasy XIV, Turtle Beach and many others.

We see a need for management and coordination of new media talent – Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and beyond. Reboot Talent aims to manage, grow and empower new media creatives – rewarding ability and fostering careers.

Our Standards:


Build you and your channel’s profile; build a network of local content creators to share ideas, resources and promote each other’s channels.

Push your content through international PR channels AND in conjunction with games publishers.

Let us handle all the selling and negotiation for you – with your approval at every stage.


Reboot Talent won’t touch your advertising revenue (at all!), or any other revenue you personally generate outside of Reboot Talent’s involvement – that’s 100% yours.

We will never resell your content or image without your approval and compensation.

You’re in control of your career direction at all times – and we’ll work with you to achieve your ambitions.


Reboot Talent is committed to upholding professional media ethics and best practices. Our clients and talent work together to achieve content that suits the specific audience – never compromising your unique tastes and abilities.


That’s all well and good – but how do you get paid? And what does Reboot Talent take?

  • We work much in the same way as a talent agent would traditionally with an actor/musician.
  • We will work together to create a commercial arrangement that works for both parties. This could be a one-off project or an ongoing deal.
  • Reboot Talent earns commission from any money generated through Reboot Talent’s involvement. All other income you receive (advertising revenue, merchandise etc.) remain yours to control (unless you wish otherwise). You will receive the vastly greater share.