So how does all of this Reboot Talent stuff actually work?

We believe that you should be focused on what you’re best at – creating amazing content – and want you to be able to focus solely on keeping your audience updated and entertained.  Here’s how we plan to help:

Create partnerships with leading video game, entertainment and consumer brands:

  • Sponsored & Independent YouTube/Twitch content
  • Regular streaming events per week/month
  • Sponsored product placement opportunities
  • Ongoing hardware and software sponsorships

Develop content opportunities that weren’t necessarily available before:

  •   Secure preferential and early access to games and studio talent
  • Attend expos and events locally and overseas (E3, PAX, Gamescom etc.)
  • Attend studio tours/junkets around the world
  • Attend industry events and parties

Build you and your channel’s profile:  

  • Event hosting
  • Panel inclusions / Public appearances

Build a network of local content creators to share ideas, resources and promote each other’s channels

Push your content through international PR channels AND in conjunction with games publishers

Let us handle all the selling and negotiation for you – with your approval at every stage

  • Prepare a rate sheet and profile document for you to be distributed to all publishers
  • Filter all emails – no wasting time sorting through spam
  • Draft contracts for all streamers/content creators
  • Handle accounts payable/receivable
  • Help develop personal brand through social development, website creation, education in the media sector
  • Support contracted talent with press releases and new business hunting (in conjunction with Reboot PR)

There are some very important things that Reboot Talent will be careful NOT to do:

  • Touch your advertising revenue (at all!), or any other revenue you personally generate outside of Reboot Talent’s involvement – that’s 100% yours.
  • Resell your content or image without your approval and compensation.
  • Attempt to force you into creating content that you are not comfortable with and/or content that won’t resonate with your audience. That’s not cool.
  • Lock you into long-term contracts – unless you want one.


That’s all well and good – but how do you get paid? And what does Reboot Talent take?

  • We work much in the same way as a talent agent would traditionally with an actor/musician.
  • We will work together to create a commercial arrangement that works for both parties. This could be a one-off project or an ongoing deal.
  • Reboot Talent earns commission from any money generated through Reboot Talent’s involvement. All other income you receive (advertising revenue, merchandise etc.) remain yours to control (unless you wish otherwise). You will receive the vastly greater share.


Cool! What’s next from here?

  • Let’s talk about you – your channel, your goals and your expectations and form a plan. Reboot Talent will work directly with you to map out your career, find suitable brands and titles and explore the market with you in mind.
  • Reboot Talent will draw up a project contract based on those plans – and you will have the final sign-off for all commercial arrangements. It can be a one-off project contract, ongoing or a combination of these.